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GO ARAI (Violinist / Sitar player)

Go Arai started learning violin and Western classical music at the age of 10. During his high-school days, Go joined chorus club as well as rock bands. After entering college, he started training sitar and the theory of North Indian classical music under the guidance of Amit Roy, a disciple of a great master Nikhil Benarjee, in 1998. Also, he belonged to the university's orchestra and acted as a concert master.
Go Arai is a graduate of Daito Bunka University, Tokyo, who specialized in Asian Area Studies, Indian Modern History, and Relations of Indian Classical music and the society where he conducted field surveys in Calcutta as well as New Delhi (2002, 2006). His professional career started from 2001, and ever since he experienced many sessions, recordings, concerts with various artists as a member of TAIKUH JIKANG, Kiwi & the Papaya Mangoes, jivatman and many others . Among them include composer Yutaka Fukuoka of YEN calling, singer/composer Raj Ramyya (Beautiful Losers), Odissi dancer Mayumi Fukushima, and Balinese gamelan group Cudamani. 

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